Oceano Altas 15

    • Inspired by the houses outside of York
    • Los Cabos, B.C.S. Mx.
    • 2019
    • Oceano 15 is located on the golf course in Palmilla, one of the most exclusive areas of San José del Cabo, Mexico. This house is owned by a retired British businessman who acquired the residence while he was traveling the Sea of Cortez and fell completely in love with the unparalleled tranquility and solitude of the area.
      The residence has two bedrooms with strong and unique personalities, inspired by the memories of the houses outside of York, where he lived most of his life. The hand-painted wallpapers wainscot and the European oak wood floors interpreted in a contemporary English style give an accent of elegance and luxury that celebrate the essence of the owner’s imagination.
      The master bedroom, decorated in metallic silk tones with imperial blue accents, features one of the most extraordinary wallpapers, “Fishes” by “De Gournay”. The Koi give an impressive effect of liquid movement to the room generating a subtle illusion to the space. This is a magnificent example of design inspired by the traditional Chinoserie-style panels, found in old British mansions. This is an example of how Progressive Design Firm uniquely interprets a client’s vision for installation in the coastal environment of the Baja California peninsula.
      In the guest room the hand painted wallpaper on a silk canvas with touches of green and lilac in the flowers, were inspired by the ancient Asian tree Wisteria that has a strong presence in the Nyman’s Gardens in West Sussex, England where summers were spent in his youth. The wallpaper seems to grow out of the contemporary neutral tones of the wainscot. Influenced by the golden age of last century two golden Helmet sconces were installed to light the room.
      The guest bathroom holds a hidden surprise, covered in thousands of blue and white tiles that in combination with the two sinks and accessories made of traditional Talavera, give a deep Mexican touch to the family and friends who visit him from abroad. The four white sconces were added to complement the floating vanity which gives a contemporary accent to the space.
      The powder room breaks the perception of space and sets up a melancholic sense of surrealism as if you could go back in time just by going through a door. Completely decorating with a single element, composed of thousands of small tiles, the design simulates an English field of flowers.
      Ocean 15 plays between the classic and the contemporary in a careful and sophisticated way resulting in a fascinating mix of classic Japanese, traditional English and contemporary Mexican styles. This gives the house a highly personalized character. The maximalist and eclectic interior design is an aspect that distinguishes every project Progressive Design Firm Produces.